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Hand to Heart Quilting: Sew at Home

Quilts of any size have always been more than mere pieces of fabric stitched together. Sewn with threads of affection, they embody love, care, and the tenderest of intentions. Quilts, tiny to large in size, can help to bind families, friends, and communities together. They can commemorate times of celebration or serve as a comforting presence in times of hardship; either way, quilts have the incredible power to embrace. A single tiny Pocket Prayer Quilt can have an immeasurable impact on someone's life!

Hand to Heart Quilting Group at First Presbyterian took a summer break in order to be refreshed to sew for the upcoming holidays. This fall we will begin "Sewing at Home" to produce more Pocket Prayer Quilts and CHRISTmas Prayer Stockings. Because of the donated fabrics and metal crosses, we have previously made and distributed to friends and families over 500 Pocket Prayer Quilts and 48 CHRISTmas Prayer Stockings!!

Anyone is welcome to help make these items in the comfort of your own home at your convenience. Generous donations of 100% cotton fabrics by members of our congregation and friends in the community allow for a wonderful assortment of fabrics to be used for the upcoming projects. If you would like to help out by simply cutting fabric or by sewing, please contact the church office at or 405-238-6667.


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