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Horray for May!

It is difficult for me to decide what season of the year is my favorite. I have always thought that fall is my favorite time of the year, but I really like spring. Even so, up until now, spring has not been very pleasant. I was ever so happy to turn the calendar to May! I hope that we are finally done with cold fronts, frost warnings and wind advisories. Someone who doesn't like spring might say that now all we can look forward to is mowing the grass, mosquitos, and allergens floating in the air. But there are positives to look forward to in May.

I love the weather in May. It seems that the weather has finally settled down to springtime weather. The temperatures are now warm and almost hot, with beautiful blue skies and big, white fluffy clouds. I don't need to a coat and gloves anymore. There are usually enough rainy days to keep everything green and growing. When out walking my dogs, Crosby and Bella, I will often follow my "nose" and find the source of the sweet fragrance in the air. There is nothing that smells as fresh and clean as a honeysuckle bush in full bloom, it cannot be captured in spray bottles or candles.

There are so many things to see and events to attend in May. It seems that there are flowers everywhere. By the time May begins, most of us have our flower beds weeded, fertilized, and planted with an array of types and colors of flowers. But to me, many times, patches of wildflowers are much prettier than planned out flower beds. Butterflies and bees just add to the beauty of the blossoms. There are graduations to attend and t-ball games. Weddings and baby showers add to the excitement of the month.

I love most of the sounds of May, birds seem to be singing all day long, frogs croaking in the evenings and, of course, the cicadas screaming in the afternoon. I am fascinated by the big cicada explosion that is going to take place in the eastern United Stated. Here in Oklahoma, we will have an emergence of periodical cicadas as well as our annual ones. It will get noisy in mid-May with the emergence of Brood XIX. ("EeeeEEEEeee: Cicadas are making a rare appearance in Oklahoma in 2024. Here's what we know." The Oklahoman. Retrieved April 25, 2024). After all, they have been underground for the last seventeen years. I also love to hear the sound of kids playing outside at different times of the day. I also still remember enjoying the sense of freedom May would bring with the end of the school year. Horray for May!



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