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September has arrived and the kiddos are back in school, much to the relief of many parents. "Back to School" shopping for clothes, backpacks and lunch boxes has been encouraged by paper ads, TV ads, and ads on the internet. One thing I noticed about many of these items is that they displayed an animal and/or an encouragement to be kind. While googling ideas about "kindness", I fell down a click hole (that's where you click and follow a link that leads to another can really lose track of time doing this). Surprisingly, I found a website that listed animals that represent kindness. 8 Animals That Symbolize Kindness (A to Z List & Pictures) – Fauna Facts. It says,

Several animals including deer, otter, bison, dolphins and turtle doves symbolize kindness, either because of a biological trait or behavior that they possess, or because of folk tales or religious stories that have made their way into the public consciousness.

When I was an early elementary student my reminder to be kind was from Sunday school and the ruler that came in my grade school packet purchased from Pauls Valley Office Supply (today known as Paine Business Machines) that had the "Golden Rule" printed on it. Do to others as you would have them do to you. Luke 6:31 NRSVUE. That Bible verse was on a poster on the wall of my Sunday school class and was assigned for us to memorize. Whether they are aware of it or not parents still teach the Golden Rule today by asking their kids "How do you think you would feel if ......"

The country today seems to be divided in opinions over many beliefs, ideas and political views. Society displays actions that ignore the Golden Rule and shove "kindness" off to the side. Is it possible that children wearing adorable kid clothes, carrying cute backpacks and lunchboxes are sending a message to adults to be kind to each other? Maybe not; maybe it's just a fashion trend of today. But hopefully the kids wearing these clothes will take to heart the message of kindness and grow up to be kind adults.



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