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One Small Step for FPCPV, One Giant Leap for Music

When I came to First Presbyterian Church of Pauls Valley, we were beginning to come out of the Covid pandemic. The choir room needed to be cleaned up, music filed, robes organized, and repairs needed on the organ. Thanks to help from the session, storage shelves were built, storage boxes acquired, and music filed, a music library index created. A huge second step was completed when Mary Gowing organized the choir robes! Thank you, Mary! And, appropriate church committees are considering organ repairs.

The church has taken one big leap forward for our music program. Now we have extra robes of all sizes, and we welcome new singers and would be glad to welcome back singers who sang in the past. What I am saying is, we have robes for additional singers including younger singers and seasoned singers. Come join us.

What a pleasure working with wonderful people who like to sing and play awesome music for our Lord. It is my pleasure to serve you as your music director and organist.



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