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Ready for new joy in life...?

Great joy comes to my life when I sing praises to God. As an elementary school student, I remember a teacher telling me that I could not sing. She encouraged me to keep quiet and let the good singers carry the tune. I carried this burden for years until I discovered a voice teacher who said: "everyone can sing!" Since then, I have never met someone who can't sing (sorry for the double negative). A person may simply not have been taught how to sing. I now believe that everyone can sing! Of course, not everyone is a soloist.

It takes courage to sing. But singing on hymns in church is a great place to start. A second good place to try singing is in a choir. Our First Presbyterian Church Singers rehearse on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 pm. Come join us. And, if you would like, I am glad to help you try singing. If you think that you cannot sing, you may be surprised.

Give singing a try. It will bring new joy to your life.



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