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Cautiously Open with Ice

On Sunday, February 26, 2022, the church is planning on being OPEN for all activities. This includes Worship with communion, the Congregational Meeting, and Confirmation class after that.

Nevertheless, we advise discretion and caution when deciding whether to come to church. The weather will give us some melting of ice this afternoon, but we fear that even sidewalks that have been (partially) cleared will be wet with standing meltwater and refreeze into black ice. The roads around the church have not been cleared and are possibly more dangerous, both for driving and for walking to the partially cleared sidewalks.

If you are not comfortable driving to church or walking in these icy conditions, we encourage you to stay home and participate in worship and communion via our livestream on Facebook. During the Covid Pandemic, it has become standard for people participating in communion from home to use "communion-like" elements. If you have some food made from the "grain of the land" and some drink made from the "fruit of the vine,"(or some approximation thereof) then you can gather those elements before starting the livestream and participate in communion during the worship service. For those of us in the Reformed tradition, it is not the elements that give us union as Christ's body, but the action of the Holy Spirit. I promise that Holy Spirit can find you even if you're at home watching livestream. Christ's presence is in heaven at the right hand of the throne of God, and we can all enjoy being lifted into the presence of Christ during communion, regardless of our location here on earth.

-Pastor Chas


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