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Let's Build a Viennese Choir Sound and Celebrate with Sacher Tort!

One of the best "church" choirs in the world is the Vienna Boy's Choir which traditionally has adults and children, originally all male singers. The soprano and alto parts are sung by the children and youth until the boys' voices change. Adult men and youth with changed voices sing the tenor and bass parts. The blend of this choir is enhanced by having the beautiful young voices.

We are fortunate to have some children and youth who want to sing with us and these young voices help us. It is exciting because they bring their friends. With enhanced numbers of singers and the clear sound of young singers, great potential exists.

After you hear the Viennese choirs, it is a good idea to visit the Hotel Sacher for traditional Viennese Sacher Tort. Let's celebrate and have a little treat some Sunday. Do we have a church member who can make Sacher Tort? Of course, we welcome singers of all ages!



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