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Ready for more...? Joy II

In a recent blog, I commented on how joy comes to us through singing, one of the lifelines of our Protestant faith.

You may be surprised to learn that the most popular course at Yale University is Professor of Psychology Laurie Santos' "Psychology and the Good Life," popularly known as the "happiness course." When it was offered on line, 1.5 million people signed up. Clearly people today have a hunger for joy and happiness. Some of her assignments are simple measures that were intended to create better habits: deleting social media accounts, daily meditation, keeping a gratitude journal, and investing time in loved ones. I have not taken her course but I wonder if she encourages people to sing.

The church has a big stake in people's happiness and joy. When we have a wonderful service, a wonderful homily, powerful hymns, and beautiful music by soloist and choir, you will leave the church with joy in your heart and a sense of happiness in your life. Come join us next Sunday.



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