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The Alternative May Surprise You

Some people spend their entire life working in a career that they love while some work a lifetime in an area that does not inspire or excite them. When they have an opportunity to work in an alternative setting, they discover a whole new world.

I spent a career working in higher education as an administrator and professor. I was fortunate to have many diverse experiences that opened new adventures for me. But, coming to Pauls Valley has recently opened a new door that has inspired me. The Oklahoma Arts Council has set aside some funds to bring cultural enrichment to school students in the Alternative Education programs, and I was invited to work with the Pauls Valley Alternative Ed students. Wow, these are some of the most creative students I have encountered. Most of the students know nothing about the performing arts. They catch on quickly and have some of the most creative ideas. I have non-singers and non-dancers...dancing and singing. They inspire me.

This has resulted in my thinking about our need to inspire everyone with alternative ideas. In our faith, do we get locked into what we have done for decades and centuries? Perhaps we would find new depths to our religious faith if we were receptive to some alternative approaches.

Some of our best "alternative" music ideas come from you. We have some wonderful young people now participating in choir. We have talented musicians who play guitars, flute, and bass in our services. I am enjoying some alternative enrichment thanks to the wonderful people in the Oklahoma Arts Council, in Pauls Valley schools, and our church. Thank you.



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