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The Amahl Miracle

editor's note: Dr. Jack submitted this the week after the Amahl performance. Apologies for publishing it late.

Last Sunday evening, a miracle came to Pauls Valley. As people enjoyed the story of Amahl and the Night Visitors, we cried, laughed and were drawn into the powerful story. Our beautiful sanctuary and new lighting instruments gave us the most beautiful setting for this age-old story.

On behalf of the Garvin County Choral Society & Sinfonietta, thank you for providing us this beautiful setting for the production. We had an overflow crowd and I learned today of at least one local family that could not find a seat and when home. They told me they will come early next time.

For me, the story of Amahl and his miracle make the Christmas season. Think about the poor widowed mother who tried to steal gold from the kings in hopes that she can feed her son, a young, poor, crippled boy who has to use a cane that he made in order to walk. When he offers his crutch to the baby Jesus, a miracle occurs. Amahl is cured and able to walk, dance, and sing.

Thanks again for hosting our production at the church. Please watch; miracles arrive in our lives at the times we least expect.



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