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To the (emotionally connected) Leader

Yesterday I talked about the Psalmist being angry in Psalm 39. Today I noticed the superscription that this is "to the Leader." It makes me think of Bowenian leadership theories. Edwin Friedman advocates that a leader be an emotionally connected non-anxious presence in the organization, the system of interconnected relationships. This leader, as I said yesterday, holds their tongue and grows more anxious and eventually lets loose a heated tongue--not exactly the non-anxious presence.

In the end, the leader says to God: "do not hold your peace at my tears." The leader was silent when they thought others were wicked, but now, in repentance and admitting their own part in the wickedness, they call on God NOT to remain silent. I think this is progress in the realm of emotional-connectedness for this leader. The shift in perspective might be letting them know how the "wicked" at the beginning of the Psalm felt.

Just the one thought today, but I encourage you to enjoy Ezekiel and Romans on your own.


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