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Transfiguration Sunday & Communion

We are currently expecting the weather to allow us to have worship on Sunday. We will certainly continue monitoring the situation and communicate if plans change.

Sunday is Transfiguration Sunday. I think of it as the culmination of epiphany. Way back after the twelve days of Christmas, we celebrated the wise men who saw the star and came to Christ's birth. Light has been a theme of epiphany, both the lengthening daylight hours following the midwinter darkness and the increasing light of our understanding who Christ is. Now on Transfiguration Sunday, Jesus becomes completely light in dazzling white garments.

We will also celebrate communion on Sunday. In communion (latin com=with + union), we are unified. We are unified to Christ as the Spirit lifts us into Christ's presence, and we are unified together as Christ's body, the church. The image I get when combining these two is all of us becoming light and filling the world as Christ and Moses and Elijah were completely enveloped in light on the mountain.

Because of Covid, we are still practicing communion with the little individual communion kits. They will be available on the way into the sanctuary, and the deacons can bring you one if missed the opportunity to take on on the way in.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday.

Pastor Chas


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