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Your Secret Plan is Hidden!

Toyohiko Kagawa, the Japanese Christian poet, pacifist, and reformer, wrote a poem entitled Discovery that starts with the words: "I can not invent new things, like the airships that sail on silver wings. But today, a wonderful thought in the dawn was given." Kagawa reveals that God has given each of us a secret plan that is hidden in our hands. And that plan is revealed to us in life as we discover the gifts that each of us has been given. Miles Gottshall, the music director and organist in my family church as I was growing up, set Kagawa's poem to music. The message is powerful. Don't miss church on Sunday, January 29 as we offer this beautiful poem and music to enhance our service of worship.

God has given us each a plan and what joy we receive in life as we reveal God's plans.



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