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Hand to Heart Quilting Update

This fall, Hand to Heart Quilting Group began sewing in the comfort of their homes to provide more opportunities for sewing at convenience instead of a schedule at the church. With this change, more people have participated in sewing for community projects.

72 pillowcases were created and delivered in October for the foster children at Pepper's Ranch in Guthrie. The fabrics for these pillowcases were donated by Angela Cole and Lisa Shepherd in the Foster community as well as the fabric contributions previously donated to First Presbyterian Church by members and friends of the Pauls Valley area. This project was so well received that an additional 28 pillowcases have been requested for additional Christmas presents for the foster children. These are currently in process and will be delivered to Pepper's Ranch the first week of December.

36 Pocket Prayer Quilts have been made and distributed to friends and strangers facing difficult times. More Pocket Prayer Quilts are being sewn and will continue to be an ongoing project for Hand to Heart Quilting Group.

For more information, please contact Lisa Shepherd through the church office.


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