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About our Good Friday Service

This year, our Good Friday service will be a "Tennebrae" Service. The main part of the service will feature reading scripture, extinguishing candles, and hearing music. The music will be "Tenebrae - A Service of Darkness" written by Hal Hopson. Hopson describes the concept of a Tenebrae service:

"The Service of Tenebrae follows a tradition of the church dating back to the eighth century. From Latin, the word Tenebrae means "darkness" and commemorates the final hours of our Lord's life on earth, as he suffered death upon the cross. In the early church, the service of Tenebrae was celebrated on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of Holy Week. As candles were extinguished, they symbolized the fading loyalty of the disciples and friends of Jesus. The gradual darkening of the church portrays the diminishing light of the world as Jesus was departing from it." Hal H. Hopson, composer of Tenebrae - A Service of Darkness.

The music is dark and beautiful to match the mood of the service. It will feature organ, our choir including soloist, Steve Freeman, and oboe player Robin Sweeden.


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