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April Narthex Collection Box

The collection box for April will be for the Restored Hearts & Soles Foundation. They are a local organization that provides new socks and shoes for children in need. They also host a yearly Prom Closet: they collect gently worn prom dresses, shoes and other accessories for high school Junior and Senior girls to wear to their school's Prom. You can either click here for their Facebook page, or click here for their website to find out more about Restored Hearts & Soles Foundation.

Because we are collecting for specific items, this will work a little bit different from our normal narthex collection box. There will be a clipboard with a sign-up sheet listing the below items. If you're interested in helping out, please first sign up for the item you wish to purchase for them, and then when you've purchased that item, bring it to the narthex.

We will be collecting specific items needed for the Prom Closet:

  • 3 Mainstay Door Mirrors (13"by 49")-Walmart, $7-$15,

  • 8 32-quart storage tubs with lids-Walmart $12,

  • 2 cases of brown craft paper bags with handles (Amazon Bag Dream 100 pcs-16x6x12) around $30-35 a case.

They also take cash donations to buy items as needed.


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