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Children's Worship (Please Volunteer)

Children's Worship has now become a regular part of our Sunday morning worship service. Each Sunday, Kathy Hall and I take the grade school aged and younger children downstairs to our Children's Worship room. We have a "Gathering" program and then we have our worship lesson or story. l am using a program called Young Children and Worship by Sonja M. Stwart and Jerome W. Berryman. Pastor Chas and Mary brought the program which is contained in a lot of labeled shoe boxes with them when they moved here a couple of summers ago. After the story, we color, do puzzles or play a game.

So far, it has been easy to prepare for each Sunday's lesson. The children, Kathy, and I have had stories about Old Testament leaders (Abram, Sarai, Moses and Noah) as well as our lessons during Advent. We are preparing to learn how the church tells time, and lessons about Jesus in Lent. The children are great listeners, enthusiastic learners, and we are having fun.

I would like to have a list of subs just in case something comes up or I come down with something. Please let me know if you would like to help occasionally.



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