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Covid Practices 2022-03-10

All practices related to Covid are optional

Following the decline of the Omicron variant, Session has decided to restart all programs of our congregation by resetting our Covid practices in an effort to return to our normal activities. Masking and social distancing are entirely optional and up to the individual and /or parents to decide when and how to take such measures. We will pass offering plates and visitor registers again. Most will be happy to hear that we are reinstating congregational singing.

Please protect yourself and others

A few expectations and requests go along with this relaxation of Covid practices. We ask that if you have symptoms of any transmissible illness (Covid, flu, cold, etc.) that you stay home. We ask that if you have been exposed to someone known to be Covid positive, that you stay home and isolate according to the CDC recommendations. We ask that if you are Covid positive that you stay home and follow the advice of your doctor. If for any of these reasons you have to stay home during worship, we invite you join us via our livestream on Facebook.

Acknowledging that there are sometimes serious medical reasons otherwise, Session would like to strongly encourage you to get vaccinated if you haven’t already been vaccinated, and to get boosted if have not yet been boosted.

Respect other people's decisions

Finally, because all Covid practices are now individual options, we ask that you respect other people's decisions. If someone chooses to wear a mask, treat that as a valid decision. If someone wishes to social distance, respect their request for you to stand back. There is no pressure on other people to take the measures you are practicing or to take any measures at all.

Covid is part of our new normal.

As new Covid variants arise we may need to reinstate some or all of our Covid practices (perhaps even new ones). We will remain diligent in our efforts to protect our congregation by following the science as it relates to any new Covid variants.


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