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Hand To Heart Quilting Group

For those of us who love to quilt, every quilting item we make is an act of love. There are times when a special quilted item is required to fill a need, provide comfort or give someone a blessing. On such occasions, we let those friends, or even strangers know that we have been praying for them. Our Church family gives these items to family, friends, co-workers, and anyone needing to be remembered in a time of need.

  • CHRISTmas Prayer Stockings have a prayer attached to the inner lining and can be used all year long to place written blessings and prayers in them.

  • Pocket Prayer Quilts have a metal cross sewn inside and have a note attached. The recipient holds the small 2-inch quilt square in their hand or places it in their pocket and can touch the cross to be mindful of God's love and grace.

  • Small Prayer Quilts can be used for visual display or placed under the head when sitting in a chair or on a pillow when lying in bed. They are also useful during devotional readings or Bible study. These small mats have a fabric cross pattern sewn on the front.

These are just some of the items that are available.

We have been so blessed with fabric donations. Several recipients of a quilting item as well as our Church Members have graciously donated 100% cotton fabric and 4 sewing machines to help our Church's Quilting Ministry. We look forward to the new year to fulfill our purpose

Our mission: To promote prayer through the use of quilting items. The quilting item is simply the prayer carrier.


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