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In God's Hand All Our Days

Isaiah is a beautiful statement of God's love and compassion for us. God says, The mountains may depart and the hills be removed," but God will still love us. That's forever on a geological timescale! God steadfast love will not depart, God's covenant of peace will not be removed. God's very identity is "the Lord, who has compassion on you." This is amazingly positive. Praise God.

I have one more thing I want to write about from the Psalm: "My times are in your hand; deliver me from the hand of my enemies." My wife was thinking about the plural, "times." I thought that in our own vernacular we have the phrase, "all my days." Maybe we could say "O God, you hold me in your hand all my days." Then I noticed that the word "hand" is doubled, so I thought of it as: "O God, you hold me in your hand all my days, and all that time, because I'm protected in your hand, no one else's hand can touch me." Combine that with the idea that God's love and peace and identity is committed to us beyond our days, but also on a geological timescale, and the phrase "Good News" gets really real.


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