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Huntley Brown brought us an inspiring piano concert on Sunday, October 9. His concert included a wide range of musical styles including old-time gospel hymns, popular tunes, songs that Huntley’s mother sang to him, and even some country-western. He ended the concert with a song he called “Joy, Joy, Joy.” The audience had no music. He taught us the song by rote and divided the audience into three parts! His one comment before we sang was “have fun.” And we did. People of all ages, singers and non-singers, without knowing the music or words, sang about “joy in our lives.” Everyone present was singing with a large smile on the face. Joy came to each of us in our own way.

Each of us is seeking joy in our life. Christ brings us that joy. We saw at this concert that we can each experience joy through music, even if we don’t know the music or the words. Music can help each of us find joy in life.

Come find joy in the music of the coming Advent season.



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