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New Streaming Technology

If you've been away for health or other reasons, one way to stay connected is our Facebook livestream. This has been available since just after Covid started, but we've recently received a technology grant from Indian Nations Presbytery to upgrade the live streaming of our worship service. If you remember bad sound and a washed out picture, come visit us again online at You can watch live at 11:00, or find a recording of the service at your convenience later. We want to thank the Indian Nations Presbytery and the Congregation Support Network for the grant.

The project improved the video quality in many ways: our network connection has more bandwidth and is more reliable, we now stream sound from the sound board for more clarity, we have more and better cameras, and the lighting has been improved to keep the picture from washing out. We want to thank the guys from Audio Vision for setting up the system, training and checking in on us. The benefits are not just for those who are watching from home; if you've been in church lately, you may have noticed that the camera in the middle of the aisle is gone, making for a cleaner worship space, and hopefully a less distracted worship experience.

The technology is not the most important part of the project. It creates an opportunity for service. Several of our young people have been trained to operate the system; this not only connects the people watching from home to our community, it connects these technically savvy volunteers to those who cannot be present. If you would like to participate in serving our community through this ministry, contact Stephen Babcock.

Done right, technology fades into the background (or the balcony) so that the Word of God can be heard better. We hope that all these improvements achieve just that: that you would not only feel more connected to our community, but also hear the Word of God more clearly.


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