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Safe Worship Practices 2022-02-10

In the context of the global pandemic, session has decided to implement the following practices for our community:

  • Wearing a mask is recommended on Sunday mornings. We have surgical procedure masks available if you have not brought one. We recommend that you acquire your own mask of better quality, preferably N-95 or KN-95.

  • We encourage social distancing. Within a pew we ask that you sit apart from people not in your household. We encourage the use of the balcony in order to have more space to spread out.

  • We are continuing the policy of no congregational singing for now, but the choir will be back starting February 20!

  • We are not passing the offering plates. Offering plates are available to receive your offering in the back and side of the sanctuary both before and after the service. Deacons will bring the plates forward during the service to honor your gifts in prayers of thanks and dedication.

  • Attendance slips are available next to the offering plates in the back of the sanctuary. Please let us know you’re here by filling one out and leaving it in the offering plate.

We ask that if you have symptoms of any transmissible illness (Covid, flu, cold, etc.) that you stay home. We ask that if you have been exposed to someone known to be Covid positive, that you stay home and isolate according to the CDC recommendations. We ask that if you are Covid positive that you stay home and follow the advice of your doctor.

If, for any of the above reasons you are staying home, please know that you are still a part of this worshipping community. We still love you and we still care for you. Call the church office and let us know what is going on so that we can pray for you.

While you are at home, please participate in your community’s worship via the live stream of our Sunday worship through the First Presbyterian Church of Pauls Valley facebook group. If you have made a pledge or want to continue to support this congregation financially, you may mail your check to the office at:

First Presbyterian Church P.O. Box 506 Pauls Valley, OK 73075

You can also call the church office for assistance in setting up and automatic electronic funds transfer (EFT) draw from your bank.

Finally, acknowledging that there are sometimes serious medical reasons otherwise, Session would like to strongly encourage you to get vaccinated if you haven’t already been vaccinated, and to get boosted if have not yet been boosted.

For reference, please see


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