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Spring Forward - Fall Back

Have you ever wondered why the up-coming time change you are instructed to "fall back"? The following article explains it in very simple terms.

This term is meant to trigger your memory to set your clocks forward 1 hour in the spring at the start of DST, and 1 hour back in the fall when DST ends. A different way to remember which direction to set your clock for DST is that in the spring, you bring out (or forward) the garden furniture and in the fall you put it back. In North America, it is common to use the word fall to denote the season, while other English-speaking countries usually call it autumn. “Spring Forward – Fall Back” is therefore a phrase most often heard in the USA and Canada.

So, when you go to bed on Saturday, November 6, remember to bring in your garden furniture and set your clock back an hour or you will be super early for church. If you forget and arrive early, you can join the Adult Sunday School class and no one will ever know!


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