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This Little Light of Mine

Lou Hall, a beloved member of our church and town passed away on April 3rd and her service was held on April 10th. Per Lou's request, it was not your regular memorial service, and was completed with a sing-along of her favorite hymns and songs. There were eight ways to honor her, and her life listed in the Celebration of Life program: pick up some litter, eat your vegetables, do your breast self-exam, do something nice for someone, contact a friend you've lost touch with, spread love, express your gratitude, and praise the Lord. Six of the ways listed to honor her were actions directed toward helping someone or making their day brighter. Helping others and the "Golden Rule" must have been very important to her. I always knew that I could expect a card from Lou for every special day in my life. With each card she sent, she accomplished four or five of her own goals and I think it really made her feel good knowing that the person receiving the card would feel loved. I will always remember her picking up litter around the park. I'm sure it was frustrating at times that people were careless with their trash after a picnic and the area she had cleaned up earlier now needed cleaning again. She knew that picking up litter helps our town look better, which can have a positive effect on a lot of people.

Two of her goals, to me, are good habits to have. I know she was a doctor's daughter, sister to a doctor and a dietician. Good health was important to her, but she also wanted those around her to have healthy habits. At our church dinners, she would have lots of vegetables and salads on her plate. She often encouraged others, including myself, to load up on the vegetables. She reminded others to do the monthly self-breast exam. She knew it could help save lives.

The last way listed of honoring Lou is to "praise the Lord". There are so many ways to do this. I heard her say, "Praise the Lord!" many times--when she heard good news about a person's doctor's report, a college student graduating and getting a dream job, the amount of canned goods collected by school kids, and our church gaining new members. Now that she is in the church triumphant, we can say "Praise the Lord" for Lou and all the eight ways she left us to "love our neighbors as ourselves" which she did every day.

The last song of her celebration of life was "This Little Light of Mine". Many of us learned the song at a young age in Sunday School or Vacation Bible School. Lou's "light" was always on until the very end. As we honor her by trying to do at least one of her suggestions, let's hope our "light" will begin to shine as brightly as hers.



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