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Transitions in Music at FPC PV

Jack Bowman has resigned as Organist and Music Director at First Presbyterian Church Pauls Valley. Jack will be pursuing an opportunity that is excellent for him at a bigger church with a bigger music program. While here, Jack built an excellent choir program and greatly enriched our worship experience through the organ and guest soloists. When I first came to Pauls Valley, I was delighted to have such an experienced and heartfelt church musician and worshiper of God by my side as a colleague in leading our Sunday morning experiences. Many times I said "Jack, I'm glad you've got my back."

The Worship Committee is convening to start a search process, and in the meantime, the choir will continue to lead us in song, with Peggy Patton as pianist. I have talked with a few members of the board of the Garvin County Choral Society and Sinfonietta, and, while I cannot speak for them, Jack and they fully expect to finish the production of Pirates of Penzance under Jack's leadership.

While we will miss him, we wish him all the best and send him with God's blessings.

"Eternal God, look mercifully upon this church and upon your servant, Jack, for whose ministry we give you thanks. We praise you for joys and accomplishments and for your grace, which has nurtured and sustained us. Bind us ever closer to one another and draw us nearer to our Lord Jesus Christ, that we may continue to minister in this community with patience, and love, with wisdom and joy, until we come at last with all the saints to the place you have prepared, singing your praise for all the ages; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen."


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