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What Rejoicing Looks Like

Psalm 53 ends "When God restores the fortunes of his people, Jacob will rejoice; Israel will be glad." Especially after all that discussion of godless evildoers, this tag of rejoicing is very abstract. What does deliverance look like? What inspires this rejoicing?

The story of Elisha and the widow's oil in 2 Kings might be a clue. The widow's children were about to be sold into slavery to cover their family debts. Do not judge her or her dead husband. Poverty is a cruel situation to live in. People can work hard and show integrity and still make no progress. Widows then and now have particular disadvantages, and people can take advantage.

Imagine being so in debt that the state is going to take your children away. Your husband was a godly man and you and your family with him. The kids say their prayers, and you do your best to provide, but you just can't make ends meet. Then financial deliverance comes. Your debts are paid and you are able to keep your children. Beyond that, there is enough financial means left over that you no longer have to worry. You and your children can live off the rest.

Your creditors go away and leave you so that there is no more immediate threat to you. Your children are no longer threatened. You can feed yourself and your family. You are out of poverty--it's hardly imaginable. There is a void in your life that can't quite name, then you realize that your constant companion, Worry, has left you. A weight is lifted. You can breath free and stand up straight and walk in a relaxed way through life.

How's that for rejoicing and being glad?


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