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Good Friday and Easter together!

The Good Friday service is one of the most moving gatherings of Christians. Our faith is distinguished by the Good Friday crucifixion of Jesus followed by the Easter resurrection. This year, celebrate both.

Our Good Friday service includes Christ's passion with scripture reading, the stripping of the sanctuary, along with Johann Sebastian Bach's powerful cantata "Christ lay In The Bonds of Death." This cantata is one of Bach's most glorious pieces of music. With soloists, chorus and orchestra, this cantata premiered at St. Thomas Church in Leipzig, Germany were Bach had just been appointed by the City Council as the new director of music.

I have waited my entire career to present this cantata on Good Friday and finally have an opportunity to share this moving experience with my friends at the First Christian Church, the First Presbyterian Church, and the First United Methodist Church. Please come join these congregations, their pastors and me at 7:00PM tonight, Friday, April 9th at the First Presbyterian Church. Then, celebrate the resurrection by attending the congregation of your choice on Easter morning.



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